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TRR Group Radio วิทยุชุมชน คนทำอ้อย

Community radio for sugarcane makers was born from the cooperation between the TRR Group and the Pa Sak Dam Saraburi Sugarcane Farmers Association which was founded in 2004 to be used as a channel for communicating news from the factory to sugar cane farmers

Including publicizing various news in the community and for entertainment.

By TRR Group Radio, a community radio for sugarcane makers, not only publicizing news. There are other items for sugar cane farmers

and people who like music.  In addition, TRR Group Radio, a community radio for sugar cane makers, is also one of the channels that provides DJs. and farmers talk and exchange.  Not only that, some programs provide knowledge on sugarcane cultivation and non-toxic vegetables such as the sugarcane academic program items under the sugar cane stump and backyard programs as well

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